1080P FHD Dual Dash Cam Car DVR Night Vision Video Recorder Front Inside Camera

  • 1080P FHD Dual Dash Cam Car DVR Night Vision Video Recorder Front Inside Camera


1 The driving recorder adopts a full HD front and inside dual-lens design, and simultaneously records the front and inside of the car in real time. It is very suitable for families with infants and young children in the back row, as well as for taxi and online car-hailing drivers.

2 The recorder can choose 1440P and 720P resolutions for recording, the former is high-definition, and the latter saves memory card space and can record longer videos.

3 The front lens has a large viewing angle of 170°, which can be adjusted up and down 30°. The interior lens can be adjusted up and down 180° and left and right nearly 360°. After the recorder is installed, the lens orientation can also be adjusted according to shooting needs.

4 The recorder has a video recording mode, a photo mode and a review mode. In the event of a traffic accident, you can quickly check the contents of the memory card and determine the responsibility.

5 Built-in microphone, you can set whether to record sound. Support loop recording, support single video duration setting, you can choose 1/3/5 minutes.

6 3-inch high-definition mirror display screen, adjustable to view the lens screen, support the simultaneous display of front and rear lens content. After the screen is closed, it can be used as a rear-view mirror to help observe the situation in the back row and the rear of the car.


Gravity sensing, motion detection, 24-hour parking monitoring, etc. are customized functions. This product catalog has items but no built-in functions.


Product Parameters:

Material: plastic, glass

Host size: 85x50x48mm

Lens resolution: front-1440P/720P optional; inside-1440P/720P optional

Front lens angle: 170° viewing angle

Lens adjustment: front -30° up and down; Inside -180° up and down, 360 reading around

Video frame rate: 30fps

Video format: AVI

Photo format: JPEG

Product power supply: 5V 1A USB

Loop recording: support

Recording time selection: 1/3/5 minutes

Use mode: video mode/photograph mode/review mode

Microphone: Yes (can record sound)

Memory card: maximum support 32G TF card

Built-in battery: 180mAh

Complimentary power cord: 3m cigarette lighter power supply

Package List:

1x Car lens ,

1x Recorder host ,

1x power cord

1x sticking bracket

1x manual


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