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Apple iPad 3rd generation Pro 11”

The iPad Pro 11 inch 256 GB will provide an ultimate iPad experience, so you should get your hands on it now.If you are looking for a breakthrough and high level of performance to have a tablet experience, this is the right purchase for you due to the liquid retina display. It is advanced technology and will keep you updated for quite a while.


Camera Specs

The best part about this tablet is the Ultra Wide Angle camera with the center stage. You can keep the camera frame during video calls as well perfectly. The camera is 12 megapixels, which will provide you with a premium experience for the price you have to pay for the true depth of the camera.


Magic Keyboard

Purchasing this tablet right now will give you access to a magic keyboard that combines comfortable typing technology. You also get a trackpad to efficiently operate this tablet without any trouble.


Apple Pencil

The Apple pencil provided to you in this package is the second generation. Whether you want to draw or write, it will also give you a smooth design experience. There are no limits or restrictions on how fluid you can use the second-generation Apple pencil on this excellent tablet.


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