Bartesian Duet Premium Cocktail Machine for the Home Bar, 2 Glass Spirit Bottles

Recreate the taste, experience and ambiance of premium bar cocktails with the Bartesian® Duet Cocktail Machine. The beauty of Bartesian Duet is that it's fast and easy to use, so anyone can craft a perfect cocktail in seconds. Simply set your two spirits of choice and insert a capsule. Once the capsule is inserted, the cocktail is immediately identified via barcode and the user-friendly LCD display suggests the proper glassware. Place the glass on the bar top and select the preferred strength from mocktail to strong — the intuitive rotary dial makes navigation easy. In seconds, Bartesian Duet draws the spirit from the appropriate bottle and crafts a fresh, delicious cocktail. From the stylish touchpoints and effortless capsule latch to the LED light that highlights each cocktail as it’s crafted, Bartesian Duet makes every drink an event. To minimize cleaning and ensure that every drink tastes fresh, it automatically runs a rinse cycle to prevent the previous cocktail's ingredients from mixing with the next one. After you’ve enjoyed your cocktail, just open the top and the spring-assisted capsule holder will pop the capsule up for quick removal. Includes 2 premium glass bottles to hold the spirits of your choice. 


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